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Benetifs of Outdoor Activity for Kids

Do you have childhood memories of playing outside? Can you recall the resentment that you showed when your mother dragged you home to finish off your homework? However, the scenario is completely different these days. It has become extremely difficult to get them outdoors to get some fresh air. As per research, the average kids spend barely 30 minutes outdoors and more than 7 hours is spent looking at an electronic screen. (more…)

Reasons Why Kids Play Centres Are Becoming So Popular

Indoor play zones help you spend a fabulous time with your kids during the weekend and they are enjoying immense popularity for being a favorite jaunt for family events and activities.  Indoor play areas offer unlimited fun and frolic to the kids while you can have time all by yourself or with your family and friends chilling over a hot cup of coffee and gorging on some healthy and delicious snacks.


Kids are known to be bubbling with energy and unless it is channelized properly, things can pretty well go haywire. They sure need something to play with to keep them engrossed for a considerable time. We all might have come across this situation of taking kids to dine at a restaurant hoping to have a lovely and peaceful family retreat and in no time, the entire evening turns into a nightmare and of course, with other diners looking annoyingly at us making things quite embarrassing.

If you plan a visit to the amusement park, you need to be quite watchful and have eyes everywhere to keep a constant check on your kids when they play in large, crowded spaces. Weather also plays a spoilsport in deciding what activities you can do with their kids during the weekends. Rains are so unpredictable and taking kids for an outdoor play may not be an ideal choice always.

Keeping all these factors in mind, many indoor play spaces have come up to provide children with a comfortable yet joyful ambience. You just have to take your kids to one of them and they will know how to amuse themselves there for hours together. The indoor play zones have a large number of sophisticated yet safe play equipments like slides, jumping castle, trampoline, ball pool, areas for pretend plays and much more. Kids will really be taken by surprise and it can be a great way to treat them. These play zones also have cafeterias where you can relax over some fresh juices or hot beverages while your kids are busy running and jumping. They also have a separate play spaces for the toddlers that is completely secure and looked after well by the attendants. All you have to do is to just drop in with your kids and forget all about them for some time.

The indoor play zones also have private party zones where you can host several events like your kid’s birthday party, family get-togethers, kitty parties and much more. They have several themes to help you throw a dream-like bash on your kids’ birthdays.

It is a brilliant choice to celebrate birthday parties in an indoor play area than in your house because it makes things hassle free for you. You just have to walk in with your guests, have fun and leave. Everything will be taken care of by them right from designing the invitation to seeing off your guests with a return gift. They even help you with planning the menu for the celebrations and decorate the venue in a splendid manner. You can very well forget the fact that you are the host and indulge in some awesome  fun time like your guests and most importantly, you do not have to worry about the mess that kids make afterwards. You can simply walk away leaving everything to them once your event gets over.

Jumps n Bumps, located in Madinaguda in Hyderabad is an upcoming indoor play zone offering unlimited hours of fun and excitement to your kids and their spacious indoors done in vibrant colors will surely appeal to them. It has a nice café to kill your hunger pangs, a candy themed private space for hosting parties with attractive party packages to suit your budget and a cozy play space for the toddlers. It is surely going to be a memorable experience for both kids and parents to bond over unlimited fun and happiness.