Benetifs of Outdoor Activity for Kids

Do you have childhood memories of playing outside? Can you recall the resentment that you showed when your mother dragged you home to finish off your homework? However, the scenario is completely different these days. It has become extremely difficult to get them outdoors to get some fresh air. As per research, the average kids spend barely 30 minutes outdoors and more than 7 hours is spent looking at an electronic screen.We, as parents are always concerned about their physical, mental and emotional well-being, which is at stake due to the lack of physical activities. This kind of sedentary lifestyle also causes a negative impact on their tender minds and bodies and results in a host of health complications such as childhood obesity to lesser cognitive development. So let us encourage our kids to get moving and connect with the nature to ensure they are having enough physical activities. Parents have to make their kids understand the fact that playing regularly is indeed fun apart from making them stronger.

Identify the appropriate place

As the weather is getting warmer, it is the best time for the children to come out in the open and absorb some vitamin D into their skin leaving aside their tabs and video games. Older kids can go for cycling or play some organized sports and for toddlers, it is up to their parents to create a secure play area and see them have fun time. It could be somewhere in a backyard, garden or even in a portico. Taking them to a park or some outdoor play area is also a good idea provided they play under adult supervision.

Getting messy can be fun for the kids

Draw them into playing outdoors by making it more enjoyable for them. Let them play with sand by building castles, digging up the earth with a shovel or help you with gardening and play catch ball with friends. Do not scorn at them for getting dirty as it is a proven fact that it is good for their soul as well as body as it makes them stronger and happier. Kids who are exposed to naturally occurring microbes become more disease-resistant than those who remain unexposed to such environment.

Grab some family time

Playing outdoor can be made more exciting and memorable to kids if parents also get involved with them. There are loads of activities that family can bond over like gardening, riding bikes, going for a nature walk or just planning a picnic lunch in a natural setting can be a fabulous experience for all. So step out and bask in some splendid sunshine with your kids.

Teach them to value Nature

Children should always be taught to live in accordance with the nature and generating interest about animals, insects, birds and plants through illustrative pictures, drawing and books or simply taking them for a walk will add to their curiosity to come out and explore their surroundings. This will also help in bringing down their stress levels and also improving their concentration as shown by the studies.

Kids not only become healthy and happy by connecting with nature but it equally enhances their creativity and imagination that is not quite possible to develop while staying indoors. Therefore, the advantages of brushing aside the electronic devices and venturing out to play are numerous.